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Event Details


September 22


07:00 CEST





Unlock the Potential of "The Future with AI" - An Eye-Opening Discussion Panel!

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) with our riveting discussion panel, "The Future with AI." Join us as we unravel the mysteries of AI, exploring its capabilities, and how it influences the design industry and the industries of tomorrow. Discover essential AI topics every designer should be aware of in this transformative event.

Understanding AI: The Power of Intelligence Redefined

AI represents the cutting-edge technology that simulates human intelligence, enabling machines to perform tasks that typically require human cognition. In our discussion panel, we'll explore the fundamental principles of AI, demystifying the complex algorithms and mechanisms that make it possible. Gain a deeper understanding of how AI is reshaping industries and revolutionizing the way we interact with technology.

AI's Impact on the Design Industry and Industries of Tomorrow

Design Industry - Revolutionizing Creativity

Embrace the impact of AI on the design discipline and the creative process. Witness how AI-powered tools augment designers' capabilities, streamline workflows, and unleash new dimensions of creativity. Discover how AI assists in generating personalized user experiences, data-driven design decisions, and more, elevating design to new heights of innovation.

Industries of Tomorrow - Pioneering Change

Explore how AI is transforming industries beyond design. From healthcare to finance, manufacturing to transportation, AI is at the forefront of revolutionary change. Witness real-world examples of how AI-driven automation, predictive analytics, and intelligent systems are shaping the future of work and everyday life.

Essential AI Topics for Every Designer: Empowering Knowledge for the Future

As AI becomes increasingly integrated into the design world, it is vital for designers to be well-versed in key AI topics. Our discussion panel will shed light on the basics that every designer should be aware of, from ethics and bias considerations to data privacy and security concerns. Empower yourself with AI knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape and utilize AI as a powerful ally in your creative endeavors.

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to gain valuable insights into "The Future with AI" and its profound impact on the design industry and beyond. Engage with AI experts, thought leaders, and fellow designers as we explore the limitless potential that AI brings to our world.

Remember to use the hashtag #DesignForTomorrow when sharing your event experience on social media!

Please check Meetup to stay up to date. This initiative scaled beyond expectation and we're doing our best to keep the plane up while flying. Event are published on Meetup and LinkedIn.

Watch live on LinkedIn and RSVP on Meetup to join.

All online events were made possible by a donation from Nadine Niehaus of Sprintlab

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The Future with AI

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