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Event Details


September 06


18:00 CEST





MindShaper Event: Shape your child's future through social media - Dystopia or Utopia?

Are you ready to take a journey into the uncharted territories of the digital world? Join us for an enlightening talk on speculative design, as we delve into the future of social media and its impact on shaping the minds of the next generation.

We are thrilled to present our esteemed speaker, Nashmil Mobasseri, a visionary futurist and design expert from Softhouse Consulting. With years of experience in exploring the untapped potential of technology, Nashmil will unravel the mysteries of a dystopian future where social media plays a defining role in shaping our childrens' lives.

Imagine a world where every click, every like, and every share influences the fate of our children. Will this interconnected virtual universe lead us to a utopian society, or are we on the brink of a nightmarish dystopia? In this thought-provoking event, we will confront the challenges of social media shaping young minds, and the ethical dilemmas it presents.

This event is a must-attend for parents, educators, futurists, designers, and anyone curious about the intersection of technology and society. Whether you're intrigued by speculative design or concerned about the future of social media, MindShaper offers valuable insights for everyone.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the uncharted territories of the digital world with Nashmil. Join us for MindShaper: Shape your child's future through social media - Dystopia or Utopia?

Remember to use the hashtag #DesignForTomorrow when sharing your event experience on social media!

Please check Meetup to stay up to date. This initiative scaled beyond expectation and we're doing our best to keep the plane up while flying. Event are published on Meetup and LinkedIn.

Watch live on LinkedIn and RSVP on Meetup to join.

All online events were made possible by a donation from Nadine Niehaus of Sprintlab

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MindShaper: Shape your child's future through social media - Dystopia or utopia?

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