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September 17






In an ever-changing social, economic, and environmental landscape, businesses are urged to adopt fair, sustainable, transparent, and inclusive practices.

This extends to the design of digital products, which are integral to our lives and instrumental in facilitating business innovation and ethical commitment.

Our workshop, devised with these challenges in mind, provides strategies for managing complexity, guiding innovation, and embedding ethics from the start of your projects.

The workshop is designed for professionals in innovation and digital products:

Executives aiming to enhance their understanding and influence in ethical decision-making.

Designers aiming to leverage ethical innovation for crafting responsible, sustainable digital solutions.

Developers aspiring to integrate ethical considerations in their workflow.

Data Scientists interested in the ethical implications of their work

Product Managers exploring how to manage products with an ethical lens.

Startup CEOs who want to imbue their companies with ethical practices.

Sustainability experts looking to extend their expertise to digital products.

Ethical technologists seeking to sharpen their understanding and ability to make ethically-informed decisions.

What will you learn?

Learning by Doing

In this full-day workshop, we emphasize a hands-on approach because we firmly believe in the power of learning by doing.

Participants will be engaged in a range of practical exercises that not only bring theoretical concepts to life but also foster a deeper understanding and mastery of the subject

Bridging the Gap

To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, we've designed the workshop to seamlessly bridge the gap between theory and practice.

We will facilitate and guide you through a series of group activities, all based on a real-life project. Participants will also be provided with the necessary theoretical grounding for the tools that we will use.

Building for Sustainable Profit

In the rapidly changing landscape where ethics and values are now key drivers for consumers, knowing how to innovate with an ethical lens is a strong competitive advantage.

This workshop will teach participants a set of practical activities and tools to assess, evaluate and build specifically with ethics front and center.

The Business Benefits of Ethical Design

Building with an ethical lens results in sustainable, long-term profit by increasing brand trust and customer loyalty, improving cost efficiency, increasing employee retention, and reducing or even mitigating risk.

What will you gain?

Throughout a series of group activities rooted in real-world scenarios, we'll equip you with the necessary theoretical foundations. By the day’s end, you'll have:

  • Strategies for managing the complexities of innovation projects, preparing you to handle evolving challenges with confidence;

  • Techniques for embedding ethical thinking into the core of your projects, fostering a culture of fairness, sustainability, and transparency;

  • Proficiency in novel tools for ethical decision-making, enabling you to make more balanced and informed decisions in your professional sphere.

Throughout the workshop, you'll develop future-oriented competencies, such as:

  • Masterfully navigating the complex landscape of innovation projects;

  • Laying ethical groundwork from the very start of your project;

  • Implementing new tools designed to aid ethical decision-making.

Meet our workshop leaders

This event is a joint effort between Trine Falbe and Tangible, and has been designed from the ground up to be a unique experience, putting together our experiences in innovation and design and our common purpose of making digital products fairer, more equitable and ultimately better for everyone (businesses included!).

Trine Falbe Chief Consultant. Co-founder & CEO of SimpleUX.


Trine Falbe

Is an expert and thought leader on ethical design. She’s worked in the digital space for more than 20 years, and as the co-author of The Ethical Design Handbook and the founder of the Ethical Design Network, she continues to push and promote ethical design as a way forward for the digital industry.


Experience & Service Design for responsible innovation.


Established in 2004, Tangible leads in designing impactful digital services and products that create a positive impact on businesses, users, and integrated ecosystems.

Working with startups and large companies, they turn ideas into effective solutions that harmonize online and offline experiences.

As a Benefit Corporation and Italy's first Experience Design firm with B Corp certification, Tangible embodies its mission of Purpose, People, and Profit, managing complex experiences, fostering innovation, and driving measurable results.

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