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Event Details


September 28


12:00PM CET





In a world riddled with inequalities, exploitation and consequences of climate change, we know that Design and UX have been contributing or, at the very least, complicit. We ought to do better, but how? Let’s explore which skills, practices and methodologies should we adopt to take responsibility towards people, society and the environment. In this presentation we will have a hard look at how traditional design practices have contributed to the current world’s problems, specifically in the context of tech.

As the values in society, business, policy, civil society are shifting, many practices, philosophies and skills are emerging, practices that are rooted in social justice, psychology, ecology, system thinking. Design Justice, Regenerative Design, Design for wellbeing and many others have different origins and birth dates but share similar values and tackle problems that are connected.

The designers that want to embrace values of equality, sustainability and self-determination will have to embark on a journey of learning and, more importantly, unlearning. Unlearning some of the established exploitative design methodologies and learning to see the bigger systems at play, the influence of their bias, the ability to hold nuances and complexity and the accountability for the short and long-term consequences of their design decisions.

Through the exploration of these emerging design practices designers will have the tools to de-construct their own work and be more intentional about their role in the future.

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All online events were made possible by a donation from Nadine Niehaus of Sprintlab

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Design re-thinking - How mainstream design practices are part of the problem

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