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September 11







A11Y (Accessibility), Usability and Inclusion: I talk about the differences, concerns and added values of these areas. They have one thing in common: all people benefit from them!

👉🏾 80% Fails Today's products, services and strategies claim to deliver according to the Parreto principle. That is, to provide a solution with 20% effort for 80% of the target group. This is wrong! To even motivate 80% users, it needs almost 100% accessibility! Today's product and service teams fail at that. We try to serve people in far too segmented a way!

👉🏾 External vs. Internal Let's take into account all factors that affect people from inside as well as from outside. Then we have a realistic chance of approaching 100%.

👉🏾 Long-term, Medium-term and Short-term Limitations in accessibility are long, medium or short term. Depending on the circumstances that affect us, we are all disabled!

👉🏾 Permanent, reducible and reversible There are ways and means to make life easier for disabled people! We need to build tools that accelerate the reduction and reversal of disability!

👉🏾 Cognitive load Assumptions that most users are too limited turned out to be correct! Cognitive load acts on our nervous system. This gives, or takes away, our freedom to play to our greatest mental capabilities. Cognitive load causes even people with an IQ of +130 to fail. Digitalisation and automation need more care, openness and humility! Because we are all disabled at certain points in time.

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ABC of experience starts with Accessibility!

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