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Training & Mentoring

Training & Mentoring made simple, in this area there are many ways to upskill, learn & explore.

*Please note, the Learning Portal is under production and will be updated frequently until February 2023.

Training & Mentoring

To enable CID professionals to follow, create and share training and mentorship, we have created the Learning Portal.

Only members can follow the programs. Please sign up to become a member.


Currently the Design in Focus platform is free and operates on donations and sponsorship. At the moment we can only facilitate free Mentoring & Training.

Signing up

Signing up for membership is easy, but please make sure that you have read the formalities and that you are ok with our modus operando. We approve every signup manually to ensure that we filter out spam and fake accounts as much as possible.

Publishing educational programs.

When your membership request is approved, you may request special permission to become a mentor or trainer by following our Collab onboarding. Please select VIP membership checkbox under "Collab Type".

When this role is assigned to you, you will be able to log into your CMS where you can create and publish learning material. We are working on tutorials and templates that will help you get started in publishing your educational programs. Since we are not yet actively working in this area, we will personally walk you through the processes when you wish to start publishing right away.

We have a feature to add pricing to the Learning Portal, but we request that you do not make use of this feature because we do not have any payment platforms activated, so you can start by offering free basic Training and or Mentorship, then direct learners to your paid for platforms for more extensive material to get paid.

Some Platforms that other Trainers and Mentors use and that could be useful for you if you wish to start is:

We are not affiliated with any of the listed platforms, but they are used by our network and we will keep editing the list based on the feedback we receive.

Visit the Onboarding Portal to get started.

Stay tuned for our up and coming training on how to get into Training & Mentorship using the best tools on the leanest budget with Design in Focus.

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