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Members Area

Not only can you network and engage with other members, but when you're a content (co) maker & author on DiF, this is the place to be.

*Please note, the Members Platform is under production and will be updated frequently until Further notice.


To enable CID professionals to share Multimedia content, Events, Training, Information, to help them create and promote their Networks & Communities, and to do so on a platform free of all the crap of data abuse, spam, affiliated marketing and scams, we created the members area.

Signing up

Signing up for membership is easy, but please make sure that you have read the formalities and that you are ok with our modus operando. We approve every signup manually to ensure that we filter out garbage as much as possible.

Standard Membership.

On the members area you will able to post to a Forum and Groups and you will be able to view other Members who have set their profiles to visible.


We hope to grow a large following of members who adds value and impact to the CID industry and profession. Follow members and have a chat. See their comments and posts.


If you would like to create or join a forum, you can do just that. Talk about your favourite topic or have some discussion.


The groups section has been created to help grow communities and networks. You can find croups to join, or you can create your own.

We've created a couple of groups as a starting point and hope that you will join and break out.

VIP membership. (Collaborators)

When you sign up via our Onboarding Portal, you can choose to add some features based on the Roles you wish to play. There are four ways to make additions to your membership.

As a participant you have three predefined starting points on Design in Focus. You can create your own starting point by combining elements and areas of the platform. If you are partaking in making podcasts with us and you wish to give Training & Mentorship around your session(s), you may check the training & mentoring box when signing up as collaborator, this gives you special permission to create and publish learning programs and courses on our platform. You can then add a specific group for yourself, your topic, or general interest, if you like. As a participant you must complete the participate and collaborate onboarding.

Perhaps you would like to publish articles to strengthen your podcast? Selecting the Authors & Writer checkbox allows you to create, edit and publish articles published in our editorial gallery.

Or maybe you like to create Meetups & Events? Special permissions are given to create and publish events too.

If you would like to only collaborate and not participate in our multimedia productions, you do not have to do the participate onboarding, that is only for professionals who wish to add additional content to their own experience pages.

VIP members are the same as general members who have additional privileges such as the ones mentioned above.

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