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R'UX - Design for Accessibility

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Candice Storm
March 26, 2023 · changed the group description.

This group has been created in response to the R'UX x Cognizant Design for Accessibility event in March, and is open for everyone who is working in the field or would like to learn more about it.

Use the discussion tab for conversations, in the media tab share your infographics, memes, phots and videos for everyone to use. In the files tab you can add files such as e-books and templates, or share presentations. Checkout the members tab to connect with others here, find like minded peers and grow together.

Everyone is welcome, but it started right here in Amsterdam. If you are interested in watching the event that started it all, you may visit the event page here

Want to get involved in creating more events like these? Get in touch, we can do simple online meetups or complex ones.

The Design in Focus Platform has been developing tools to enable the creation of network & community events, from non existing budgets to large corporations with generous budgets. We will share the knowledge personally for now, and have educational material content to share publicly in the backlog.

The point is we have a platform to unite, we can share media, from photos and videos to books and presentations, we can create events, hosted anywhere, even here, and we can connect with each other.

Love accessibility?

Join this group. Share your ideas. Share your resources. Share your time. Take your share in the industry.


This group has been created in response to the R'UX x Cogniz...



  • 27 Mar Mon | 'Design for Accessibility'

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