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Randstad UX

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Candice Storm

Hello out there! If you have found your way to this group by searching for ways to stay informed, you've come to the right place.

If you're open to network with others in this group, add your details and a shoutout.

If you would like to present or talk at one of these events, you can start a new post with your topic and an introduction to yourself.

You can start a post even if you don't want to present or talk, and just want to engage with the network & community.

We will share media such as photos and videos here after the events. You're welcome to share your content too.

Well I hope you enjoy this group.

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    A group dedicated to UX pro's in the Netherlands RANDSTAD ...



    • 27 Oct Fri | 'Randstad UX One Year Celebration Gala'

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