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Organization and planning are fundamental ingredients for any business and project, and in a UX Design project is no different. In today's post, we will share how these past months have been in terms of organization, planning, and, most importantly, how being part of an integrated team has helped throughout this process.

In our previous post, we shared a bit about how our team came together and who we are. If you want, you can check it out here:

After our team was formed, we began the second step: planning. Perhaps this planning was easier because we applied pre-existing knowledge from other projects and courses. There's no guarantee that the path we're following is the most effective, but having an imperfect plan is better than having none at all.

We started planning to use the Trello app, but after some time, we realized it wasn't ideal for our team. We recognized the need for a more flexible platform where we could easily mix and view various types of information. That's when we came up with the idea of using the Notion app.

Once our planning was done and "perfect," we got our hands dirty! We were super excited and wanted to deliver everything in two months! However, that's when the reality of a voluntary project started to hit us. The everyday tiredness, the responsibilities from other jobs, and each person's routines began to weigh on us. Gradually, we adjusted to a slower and more manageable pace, with fewer expectations in the final delivery and more awareness of the process.

Our team also experienced a complete slowdown when one of the members went on vacation. You might think, "Oh, but you could have continued." Indeed, we could have! However, everyone's lives had other priorities that made it impossible for us to resume the project for five weeks. It's tough to see the project at a standstill; it can be mentally uncomfortable. But the important thing is that we came back, and we're persevering.

We are currently going through a challenging phase, slow progress of the project, where we can't do much about it. Each of us has a parallel life that takes up most of our time. Dealing with physical and mental fatigue, discouragement, and this literal transition leaves us sometimes drained. It's during these moments of reflection that we see the importance of those initial steps, the resilience, and the hope that everything will eventually fall into place.

Despite these feelings, planning helps us see that every step, no matter how slow, brings us closer to our goals.

Have you ever felt this way at some point in your life? Share your experience with us :)

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