Case study : Foot Locker Women's Portal

Foot Locker is a house of brands that curates the best products the footwear industry has to offer, with an impressive collection of recognized international brands.  Men's products dominate the collection and is the group that most buys from Foot Locker, but they also offer a great selection of women's and kids products.

In order to expand the market further and appeal more to women, alongside showcasing an extensive range of products mainly found online, the idea of a women's specific portal seemed like a perfect solution.


During the discovery phase once all the relevant stakeholders were onboard we organized a couple of meetings with colleagues from all teams who would be involved which included marketing and product teams. Together we devised a strategy for the launch and maintenance and assigned responsibilities. 


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StormCIS Design Studio Amsterdam Randstad Candice Storm Experience Designer Logo Mockup


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The challenge: Create all new and exclusive women's portal on the Foot Locker site, adhering to Foot Locker brand identity to create a recognizable, and memorable experience for the female shopper.  

Aside from working with two distinct styleguides I also had to consider vendor assets which we determined should also have a slot in the portal. Because of the nature of a retail fashion house of brands, product designs and colours also varied from season to season and latest trends the overall look and feel of the page had to be adaptive to remain current. 

Additionally I also had to factor in how frequently content would be added and make affordances for adhoc campaigns. 

StormCIS Design Studio Amsterdam Randstad Candice Storm Experience Designer

Foot Locker
s Portal

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Mockup Design

After a few iterations aligning with the different stakeholders, I was able to publish the portal. It was a huge success and we were all thrilled. For the next couple of years I maintained the portal and worked on some cool campaigns and also oversaw photography aligning with product to see how we could outfit the portal to the full potential. 

I used software to track user behavior and make design decisions from there.