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Event Details


August 25







Helping Whales Save the Planet

Dive into a world of sustainability and innovation with our esteemed speaker, Erik Roscam Abbing, a visionary experience designer and blue economy specialist. In our captivating discussion panel, "Helping Whales Save the Planet," Erik will shed light on the remarkable role of whales in mitigating the climate crisis and how his expertise in experience design and innovation empowers whale conservation NGOs to make a lasting impact.

Event Highlights

Whales: Unsung Climate Heroes

Discover the awe-inspiring contributions of whales beyond their majestic beauty. Erik will reveal how these magnificent creatures play a vital role in balancing the climate, sequestering significant amounts of CO2, and producing life-sustaining oxygen. Get ready to be amazed by the critical role whales play in maintaining the delicate balance of our planet.

Designing for Maximum Impact

Uncover Erik's journey as he collaborates with whale conservation NGOs to craft powerful propositions that reach the right audiences and drive real change. Learn how his expertise in experience design and innovation empowers conservation efforts, amplifying the reach and effectiveness of their noble cause.

Nature-Based Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Embrace the significance of nature-based solutions in creating a more sustainable world. Erik will share insights into the blue economy - the sustainable development of coastal regions and marine activities - and how it contributes to a greener, more resilient future.

This event is relevant to anyone with a passion for sustainability, nature-based solutions, experience design, and entrepreneurship. Whether you're a design stakeholder, environmental advocate, or simply curious about how to make a positive impact on our planet, this discussion panel is for you.

Design plays a central role in driving positive change, and this event will appeal directly to design stakeholders. Join Erik Roscam Abbing as he demonstrates how experience design and innovation can be harnessed to help whales save the planet.

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Please check Meetup to stay up to date. This initiative scaled beyond expectation and we're doing our best to keep the plane up while flying. Event are published on Meetup and LinkedIn.

Watch live on LinkedIn and RSVP on Meetup to join.

All online events were made possible by a donation from Nadine Niehaus of Sprintlab

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Helping Whales Save the Planet

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