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Candice Storm
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Candice Storm

Your Instructions

Look at the reviews section and make notes about the humans behind the posts. Use your notes to create a persona.

*** You are part of the ingroup based on your cards ***

We will share information with you that we will not share with the outgroup. The reasons for creating an in group and an out group will be revealed later. For the sake of this demonstration, please keep it a secret.

You can spot the outgroup easily by the O symbol on their name card. Your sub-assignment is to to make the outgroup feel uneasy. Do not be mean or rude.

When they say something, no matter how awesome or right, you must try to seem uninterested and unimpressed. Use phrases like "everyone knows that" or "hmm, not so sure" then look at other ingroup members and smile.

Ingroup members are easy to spot, instead of an O on the name card, look for an I on their name card.

Make notes here. What are the questions you are asking right now? What factors are you considering. Analysing the data youre reading right now, what ideas and visions come to mind? How effective do you think this activity is?

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