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Arthur Ruf Hosang da Costa

Arthur Ruf Hosang da Costa

UX Designer and Community Builder Empowering Over 700 Individuals

About Arthur

Arthur is a UX Designer and Community Builder with a passion for building supportive communities that help people thrive in the tech industry.


Arthur is responsible for UI and UX Design at a German Fintech, the Europe’s leading of its segment. He is responsible for developing a robust design system used across the products portfolio, collaborating with financial experts, and cultivating a UX- and Data-Driven decision-making culture.


As a Community Builder, Arthur has coordinated the creation of transformative communities in Brazil that have empowered over 500 young individuals to kickstart and advance their careers as Designers and Software Developers, many without access to higher education, and over 200 Brazilians to seek opportunities internationally.


Now, Arthur is determined to establish a UX Community in Munich, creating meaningful connections among professionals.


Join Arthur on the Development & Growth Panel in September, where he will share his captivating journey and the challenges of transitioning his career from Software Engineer to UX Designer.



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