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IxDA Nederland

IxDA Nederland


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Organization dedicated to the discipline of interaction design. Since 2003.

IxDA Nederland


IxDA Nederland serves as the regional branch of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), a community-driven organization committed to advancing the field of interaction design. Established in 2003, IxDA has flourished into a vast global network comprising over 100,000 individuals and 200 local groups worldwide. Checkout IxDA website:


Starting in 2007, IxDA Nederland has been at the forefront of introducing fresh design concepts and disseminating them, both within the Netherlands and beyond. Our initiatives include engaging talks (cafes), interactive workshops, and impressive large-format conferences.

As we move forward, our mission remains steadfast: to inspire the next generation by sharing captivating design stories.

Checkout our website!

#DesignforTomorrow - Playfulness as a Tool to boost Design Thinking & Ideas Generation - Carla Traini - IxDA
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