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Tiziana d'Agostino

UX Psychologist + Interaction Design Consultant | Instructor | UX/UI Mentor

In August Tiziana will talk about Ethics & UX Psychology

Tiziana d'Agostino
Tiziana d'Agostino
Tiziana d'Agostino
Tiziana d'Agostino

About Tiziana

UX Psychologist and Interaction Design consultant, Tiziana has more than 18 years of experience in the industry. She is a senior instructor, teaching interactive design, UX and web front-end at several secondary institutions. She has a background that includes a degree in graphic design, a master's in Media Psychology and several professional certifications, along with years of design and web development. She is a co-leader of the San Diego chapter of the Interaction Design Foundation.

She strives to create the best user experiences that will persuade without manipulation, and strongly believes that ethical design can change the world for the better. She is a member of the Ethical Design Network and maintains its blog.

About the December Event

In December Tiziana presented on Improving design through reducing cognitive load.


Design For Tomorrow

Ready to elevate your design practice? Dive into the captivating realm where user experience and ethical psychology intersect. Join us for "The Ethics of UX Psychology" virtual seminar and unlock the key to creating digital experiences that resonate deeply with users while upholding ethical standards. Visit the event page now to secure your spot among curious minds, visionary designers, and passionate design stakeholders. Let's embark on a journey of mindful design that shapes a digital landscape we can all be proud of!

This is an initiative by Randstad UX & Design in Focus.

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