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Rubina Singh

Learning Experience Designer | Social Designer

In September Rubina will be talking at Design for Tomorrow

Rubina Singh

About Rubina

Rubina is a learning experience designer who values designing with programmes and co-learning experiences through a feminist, participatory, and intersectional lens. She is trained in law as well as design, which shaped her journey in rights-based social justice work since 2010.

She is particularly interested in feminist and de-colonial design practices. Most recently, she co-designed a feminist futuring toolkit, Stitching Futures, designed to foster the reimagination of a post-COVID world through a feminist lens using principles of Kantha embroidery. Rubina leads online learning at Prevention Collaborative and is also one-half of the social design studio, Barabar. She also enjoys spending her free time creating stories, corny jokes, and textile art. She is currently based in New Delhi, India.

About the Event

#DesignForTomorrow - Design Minds Unleashed.

This is an initiative by Randstad UX & Design in Focus.

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