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The foundation of Design in Focus

Design in Focus (DiF) was started in May '22 when I was asked to create an Identity experience for a person who wanted to create visibility for himself as a professional.

The initial challenge

What could I do to showcase this effort to the highest degree possible and elevate the experience with the leanest budget and the most value? I dug into my skill set and knowledge and mapped all the ways I knew about going about production and promotion. When I had a preliminary concept, I reached out to a couple of people to see if there was any interest. In the first two weeks I received 162 or 164 positive responses from people who were interested. With this I started developing the various aspects of DiF based on my vision, while all the time delivering value to both business and society.

The considerations

  • Working with professionals, creating multimedia content that is valuable and informative.

  • Publishing multimedia content that is compliant with quality standards.

  • Maintaining integrity and authority.

  • Lean to non existing budgets.

  • Making it easy and intuitive.

  • Formalities and legislation.

  • Journeys & Deliverables.

  • Processes & methods.

  • Replication capability.

  • Value proposition.

The concept

A multimedia channel & professional platform for CID industry stakeholders.

Briefly the platform consists of two parts offering opportunities and solutions in various levels.

A. The public platform

The public platform demonstrates the value and impact of CID in business and society through multimedia publications including podcasts and web series, articles and infographics, events & meetups, Communities and networks and training and mentoring programs, all created by and with CID professionals and organisations.

This provides opportunities and solutions to learn more and do more.

For those who make things, by those who make things.

B. The Members area

The members area serves two functions.

  1. By applying for membership and being verified, we filter out spam and bots ensuring that all members have a secure environment free from harassment and fake interactions. This provides opportunities for members to make real connections and have honest conversations, as well as find useful information.

  2. We are able to assign permissions to members to publish on the public platform. Our VIP members may obtain permission to; a.) Publish articles b.) Publish events c.) Publish mentoring and training programs d.) Stream live events This provides solutions for members to engage more and have a certain level of control to do so.

To learn more please read the project charter. (*To be updated, but has more in depth information)

The techniques

  • Multimedia production & publication

  • SEO

  • Collaboration

  • Network & Community

  • Connecting and uniting potential

  • Promotion

  • Enabling Impact

  • Supporting industry and professionals

The goal & objectives

Our goal is to build a platform that offers value in tangible and demonstrable ways that result in both human and industrial growth and impact.


Level 1 - Active - 70%

To create awareness of relevant stakeholders and industry through multimedia content production and publication from an informative and thought provoking standpoint.

Level 2 - Active - 45%

To enable professionals to foster strong CID networks and communities through:

a.) sharing relevant information and creating visibility of networks & communities,

b.) enabling people to found their own local or global networks and communities using the DiF platform and tools in two capacities depending on their own goals and objectives.

  1. Using their own concepts and brand/identity. Case example, Someone or collective who would like to create an interest group in *location or on *topic and have total freedom on how it is directed. - Cape Town Creative Designers Community, a community by X. - Global network for Change Innovators. a network for Y.

  2. Founding a local chapter of Design in Focus in their region or on their industry. Case example, Someone or collective who wants to direct, manage and coordinate DiF activities in *demographic, or focussing on *activity. - DiF US / Spanish / Audio Design in Focus in the US / Design in Focus in the Spanish language / Design in Focus Podcast by X / for Y

Level 3 - In development - 5 %

To enable collaboration and valuable exchanges between organisations and people.

Level 4 - Backlog - Conceptual

To curate a collection and library of valuable resources and tools for CID professionals.

Level 5 - Active - 20 %

To create an awarding and rewarding initiative that centers around making valuable and impactful contributions to business and society through harnessing & leveraging the power of Creativity, Innovation and Design.

Level 6 - In development - 10 %

CSR program. More info to follow. For now you may contact us directly to find out more.


We have a solid foundation built on unifying cornerstones capable of merging multiple facets into unique and original experiences that serve to accomplish multiple goals in alignment with high ambitions and rewarding efforts.

The concept is relatively new but a lot has already been achieved. With the right opportunities and favourable conditions, it has the potential for growth.

To scale it according to our ultimate goal we need support where ever we can find it. Sponsoring and donations will be our only stream of revenue and therefore reduces the stability of the organisation as we require favourable conditions and support.

A challenge will be to convince sponsors to invest because sponsors may not advertise directly to our stakeholders. We will create awareness of and for our sponsors who wish to be named through creating a Sponsor Portal and creating sponsor related multimedia content, which will be clearly distinguished from participant content.

This is not the most profitable route to take but will ensure that our multimedia content remains true to the viewers and participants, protecting the integrity and promise to adhere to our values which are founded on the premise of Value & Impact of CID in Business & Society.

While money is super important, it is a poor motivator as it can often be clouded by emotions and ill intentions. We do believe that there is room for financial growth through exchange of value and even if it's not millions, it can still be rewarding.

Through some of our initiatives we are connecting job seekers with companies on the hunt for talent. This is value for all involved.

Through other initiatives we are connecting professionals, networks and organisations and enabling them to unite in their efforts. This increases impact.

We've already enabled one participant to land his dream job through showcasing his talent, although we received no financial reward, our opinion is that if we can replicate this at scale, then already we have produced something valuable. In another instance we united a network with and organisation that form part of the same movement, which resulted in a collaborate project that impacted both. The network saw an increase in it's members and the organisation gained dedicated representatives to lead their contribution to the movement. This is already valuable because collectively they are addressing and solving certain problems that affect both business and society. Again, replicating this to scale has the potential to make a difference and change the lives of stakeholders and shape new partnerships, collectives, and opportunities. Strength in numbers and supporting peers go a long way to realise visions, missions and goals.

We have started interviewing volunteers in November and will soon have more manpower lending talent and skill to help develop the foundation and produce to a higher quality.

It's just the beginning, Join us.

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We rely on donations and sponsorship to keep this platform and its efforts alive. We do not want to monetize it because we do not want to go the traditional media route. 


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