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Design in Focus Project Overview

Design in Focus #CID is a multimedia channel and professional platform demonstrating the value and impact of CID in business and society, through creating multimedia such as podcasts, shows, infographics and articles. CID refers to Creative | Innovation | Design.

1.7. Resources (TBA)

1.8. Credits (TBA)

2.3.1. Founders

2.3.2. Makers

2.3.3. Projects plans

* To be added.


1. Multimedia Platform

Design in Focus Concept in 5 Minutes. (New version coming soon)

1.1 Mission & Vision

The mission of Design in Focus is to demonstrate the value and impact of CID in business and society through engaging with those in the field and finding supporting evidence such as statistics and cases and publishing it in audio/video/visio format so that CID professionals may share the digital assets with their stakeholders when they wish to prove their work, or for young CID people to be inspired and learn.

The vision of Design in Focus is to have a channel for and by CID people to not only engage within their networks, but also to provide valuable info that can help bring their relative stakeholders along on topics related to CID.

Into the future in a time and space where Design in Focus is all it can be. Around the globe CID people are engaging with other CID people. Local chapters exist in major cities around the globe, and in each chapter there are dedicated people working together to publish great content such as interviews and talks, events, linking networks & communities, locally and globally, uniting different people with different strengths to build new collaborative networks, all while demonstrating the value and impact of CID in industry and society.

Big dreams require big investments. And all that is big, is made of a million or billions of smaller parts. To solidify this starting point as a small but significant part, it is important to define it. And here it is, the definitive dream of what Design in Focus can be and what we aspire to be.

1.2. Pillars

Industry  Talks on Design in Focus

1.2.1. Industry Talks #IndustryTalks Professional / Expert discussions with creators, innovators, and designers, to investigate the value and impact of CID contribution to business, gain insights and awareness of developments and hot topics and talks about findings and insights within CID industries and programmes.

This pillar is industry focussed.

The Human Experience on Design in Focus

1.2.2. The human experience #theHumanExperience The Human Experience talks to the people who make up CID about disciplines in these fields, what it means to them, how they find value, stay inspired, what they have learned and what they aspire to do.

This pillar is people focussed.

The Dream Team Roundtable on Design in Focus

1.2.3. The Dream Team Roundtable #thedreamteamroundtable

The Dream Team Roundtable is made up of group sessions in which CID pro’s are presented with a challenge and have to set about to solve it by using creative problem solving or design thinking techniques. Can a small group of people solve challenging problems in max 90 minutes? You can always watch them try.

This pillar was founded on the popular trend of companies assigning applicants design challenges to prove themselves. Many companies do not compensate designers for their time and efforts and many more use the solutions derived from these challenges without hiring anyone at all. To combat this, The Dream Team Roundtable aims to enable designers and others who have to “prove” themselves to only do it once, and when proof of their capacities are required they can share the link to the session, which should demonstrate fairly clearly their capabilities and methods.

This pillar is solution focussed.

The Dark Side of the Force on Design in Focus

1.2.4. The Dark Side of the Force #TheDarkSideOfTheForce

Not for the faint of heart - to solve a problem, one must first acknowledge a problem. In the dark side of the force, participants discuss topics less frequently addressed such as dark UX, deceptive design, why creatives are the most harassed and abused pro’s in all industry and more.

This pillar is impact focussed.

1.3 Gallery

Design in Focus has three main galleries on the platform as well as on other platforms listed below. All content produced by Design in Focus is added to these galleries as well as experience pages if applicable.

1.3.1. Audio Gallery

Design in Focus hosts talks and interviews in audio format usually broadcasted as podcasts.

1.3.2. Video Gallery

Design in Focus hosts talks and interviews in video format usually broadcasted as shows and webinars.

1.3.3. Visio Gallery

Design in Focus aims to create Visio content including infographics and inspirational quotes which CID representative may share cross platforms to support each other and industry.

1.3.4. Editorial Gallery

Here we will publish editorial content as well as have guest writers and publishers.

1.3.5. Other Media Channels LinkedIn: A Design in Focus HQ publishes only Design in Focus content. B Design in Focus CID – Creative | Innovation | Design is where collective CID content that is valuable or interesting to viewers is posted. Share your coolest CID projects here. C Design in Focus Group. This group was created for participants and stakeholders to have a chat or conversation. D #IndustryTalks. Only Industry Talks content is posted on this page. E #TheHumanExperience. Only the Human Experience content is posted on this page. F #TheDreamTeamRoundtable. Only The Dream Team Roundtable content is posted on this page. G #TheDarkSideoftheForce. Only The Dark Side of the Force content is posted on this page. Soundcloud Twitter

1.4. Experience Page

Participants, members, collaborators and sponsors may have bespoke Experience Pages on which stories are told, journeys are created, and or facts and figures are demonstrated and shared as well as other relevant information.

Experience pages can look like this or this or even this. If you can dream it, we will do what we can to realise it. All the content found on experience pages will also be added to the gallery and other channels.

1.5. Awards

Design in Focus will host CID Quality Awards and have events 3 times a year to celebrate nominees and award nominees with their certificates.


Design in Focus offers four ways in which events are published, three on the public platform, and one (see 1.3.6.) on the professional platform.

Public platform

1.6.1. CID Events Design in Focus will publish CID events from around the globe on this page in order to give professionals interesting information about local and global events within their industry and amongst peers. Events | Design in Focus

1.6.2. DiF Events DiF events refer to Design in Focus events such as live webinars and shows, group calls and CID Quality Awards. These events may be set up by Design in Focus HQ or by DiF Founders and Makers (see 2.3.4.) DiF Events | Design in Focus

2. Professional Platform

Members Area

The Design in Focus members area was created for 4 reasons;

1. Certain participants who have public Experience Pages will also have private sessions in the members area in which they elaborate on their topics and offer discussions or thoughts,

2. To enable peers to find and connect with each other for group sessions (participants participate in one and done sessions as well as group sessions),

3. To showcase links and content that are relative to the CID professions,

4. To bypass common internet crawler mechanisms that delivers paid for content first. There is no influence from any financial institutions or organisations and all content and links are generated by CID people for CID people and CID people are able to vote for the best and most relevant channels. Donations are welcome to keep this platform running. (See also 1.2.4.)

Design in Focus does not support any affiliation or advertising for the members area to ensure that it remains honourable and relevant and to avoid losing value and worth as an unbiased free platform for CID. No data is used other for tracking site performance and measuring impact.

2.1. Forum The Design in Focus Forum offers a platform for general discussion.

2.2. Groups The Groups portal is probably the most popular and useful. The groups were created to funnel CID pros and content into digestible channels. Each funnel has three groups. Below are the Design in Focus suggested groups, new groups can be created by specific collectives such as UX, Technology, Art, etc.

2.2.1. CIDA space for professional groups to meet, discuss, learn, and connect. Creative Group Innovation Group Design Group

2.2.2. CID Training & Mentorship A space for the publication, discussion, and information for and over Training & Mentorship. Creative Training & Mentorship Group Innovation Training & Mentorship Group Design Training & Mentorship Group

2.2.3. CID Networks & Communities - A space for the publication, discussion and information for and over Networks and communities. Creative Networks & Communities Group Innovation Networks & Communities Group Design Networks & Communities Group

2.2.4. CID DiF Founders and Makers - A space for the publication, discussion, and information for and over Founders & Makers. Founders refer to individuals who launch local chapters of Design in Focus. Makers refer to individuals who make contributions to Design in Focus such as producing podcasts, writing content, creating graphics or events etc. Creative DiF Founders and Makers Group Innovation DiF Founders and Makers Group Design DiF Founders and Makers Group

2.2.5. CID Leadership - A space for the publication, discussion, and information for and over Leadership. Creative Leadership Group Innovation Leadership Group Design Leadership Group

2.2.6. CID Events - A space for the publication, discussion, and information for and over events. Anyone who posts events here may request to have those events also added to the public facing platform. (see 1.6.) Design in Focus aims to collect events and meetups across borders and disciplines to showcase to enable CID people to get more involved in tangible ways. Creative Events Group Innovation Events Group Design Events Group

2.2.7. CID Scams & Misconduct - A space for the publication, discussion, and information over Industry Scams and Misconduct. This is the place to discuss our industry shortcomings and challenges experienced and seasoned pros to advise and lead newcomers and youth as well as anyone who can fall victim to scams and misconduct. (Even the brightest, smartest and alert of professionals can, do and have fallen for “wolfs in sheep’s clothing”)

3. Foundation

Design in Focus is the brainchild of Candice Storm and was founded in May 2022 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After the first idea was sparked, she conducted a brief market study and contacted several professionals. Having received positive feedback and responses to support potential she developed the concept further until it was completed in June 2022, after which she began to create and produce the MVP, which was originally set to go live in July, but due to summer holidays there was a massive request to postpone until after the summer, which resulted in the go live date moving out to September.

4. Collaboration

Design in Focus collaborates with industry groups, networks, services and events etc. Collaborators appear on the homepage, and some have experience pages, while others link directly to the respective sites. Collaboration was created to build a stronger community and for the visibility of collaborators as valuable industry contributors. Collaborators also have a group created and assigned to them in which they can discuss and inform about themselves.

Would you like to collaborate?

5. Sponsors

Other than donations, Design in Focus also relies on sponsorship in order to keep it alive but has several conditions that have to be met before they accept sponsorship. When Sponsored Design in Focus will always indicate clearly on the site who the sponsors are so that those who use the platform have information not only about the sponsor but that the content is sponsored. In a bold move Design in Focus requires that sponsors agree to the fact that sponsorship does not allow for the core mission and vision of Design in Focus to change or be modified and that sponsors must provide tangible value to and for CID professionals and industry.

Are you interested in sponsoring?

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Candice Storm
Candice Storm
Sep 02, 2022

If anything is still unclear, you may ask questions here and we will update this post.


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