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Trine Falbe

Chief Consultant. Co-founder & CEO of SimpleUX. Ethical design expert. Speaker. Author

In August Trine will take part in Design for Tomorrow Awareness Week(s)

Trine Falbe
Trine Falbe
Trine Falbe
Trine Falbe

About Trine

Trine has worked with UX for 20 years in various fields like news, children’s digital experiences, e-commerce and education. She is a consultant, entrepreneur, speaker and author of two books: White Hat UX (2017) and The Ethical Design Handbook (2020). Her dedication to ethical design and responsible innovation always sets the direction in her work.

Trine is considered an expert and thought leader in ethical design and responsible innovation.Co-author of the Ethical Design Handbook and the founder of the Ethical Design Network, she regularly speaks at international events, contribute to research and other initiatives to push and promote ethical design as a way forward for the digital industry.

Trine genuinely loves using technology, innovation and education to solve problems and fill the gap between people and business. These days she is transforming education at Smart Academy, all with the goal of empowering people to thrive and succeed at work, and also the proud co-founder and CEO of SimpleUX, an app made for simple, moderated UX testing.

Trine grew up in UX and have worked in the digital space and education for +20 years. To this day, she thrives when wearing many hats that span across UX and innovation.

About the Event

Trine will be taking part of the the grand opening of the Design for Good Discussion, marking the exhilarating kickoff of the Awareness Week for the Design for Tomorrow Summer Innitiative.

The Design for Good Discussion is set to be an inspiring and insightful event that sets the tone for the week ahead.

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