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Sasha Pleshco

Product Designer | Community builder | UX mentor

In August Sasha will be talking at Design for Tomorrow

Sasha Pleshco
Sasha Pleshco
Sasha Pleshco
Sasha Pleshco

About Sasha

Hailing from Moldova, Sasha Pleshco currently with Pentalog, blends his Product Designer role with a heartfelt commitment to community engagement and advocacy for inclusive design. Originally a telecommunications engineer, Sasha pivoted to UX/UI, driven by an aspiration to elevate user experiences for all.

Beyond his role at Pentalog, he co-owns the YaTakViju! Design Community, creating a nurturing environment for design minds from Moldova to collaborate and thrive. This year Sasha launched "UX Coffee" which serves as a casual forum where enthusiasts gather to share experiences and knowledge. As a UX instructor at Tekwill Academy, Sasha has guided 50 students through his course, many of whom now thrive in UX/UI roles.

Sasha collaboratively aids in hosting the regional Product Design Conference by YaTakViju!, which debuted with a compelling roster of industry experts last year.


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