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Ricardo Faria

Sr Service & UX Designer
- Cognizant

Ricardo took the stage in October 2022 and will do so again this August 2023

Ricardo Faria
Ricardo Faria
Ricardo Faria
Ricardo Faria

About Ricardo

During his 12 years in design, Ricardo gained experience shaping the UX vision in different projects, and he designed for multi-platforms in an omnichannel solutions context. He led small to big teams in several projects. At all times bringing a human-centered approach and a creative problem-solving approach to creating products and experiences people love to use. Currently exploring how Data can drive a more effective UX and how Neuroscience can merge with UX traditional methods to bring more behavioural knowledge. Also, Ricardo is a KPI ROKS Expert and love to implement KPI dashboards in organisations and define their Key Performance Indicators.

About the September Event

As part of Awareness Week-Design for Tomorrow, Ricardo Faria will present a practical workshop where he will unveil the power of metrics to transform strategies into concrete results. 🎯

Ricardo Faria explores how data can drive more effective UX and how neuroscience can integrate with traditional UX methods to provide deeper behavioural insight. Furthermore, Ricardo is an expert in KPI ROKS, enthusiastic for implementing dashboards of key performance indicators into organisations.

About the August Event

For the #DesignForTomorrow Awareness Initiative, we've been working hard to bring the important topics covered to every corner of the world. Maria Helena Nunes has orchastrated a day of event is Portuguese.

Ricardo will open the day with a workshop on KPI's in Portuguese.

About the October'22 Event

In October 2022 Ricardo presented on Product psychology during our online event. Due to failing tech, we are unable to share a recording.

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