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Maria Cristina Martinez

UX Designer and Usability Engineer

This August, Cristina will be talking about Empathy in Design for our Design for Tomorrow Initiative

Maria Cristina Martinez
Maria Cristina Martinez
Maria Cristina Martinez
Maria Cristina Martinez

About Cristina

With a career spanning over 20 years in the fields of UX Design and Usability Engineering, Cristina is the founder of InfoDesign.One. Through this initiative, she has contributed to various companies, educational institutions, and governmental entities.

Her expertise lies at the intersection of Technology and User Experience. Leading InfoDesign.One, she focuses on providing insights for decision-making and collaborating in the creation of intuitive and user-centered digital products. Her current interest revolves around the study of usability and its impact on medical devices.

She also promotes a free mentoring program in UX Design to foster a stronger and more inclusive UX Design professional community.

About the Event

Cristina will talk about Empathy in Design. Her talk will be in Portuguese and falls in the theme we specifically set out for Portuguese speakers to help spread the message of #DesignForTomorrow and make it accessible to the 75% of the globe that do not speak English.

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