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Koert Bakker

Head of Experience Strategy & Insights at PwC Experience Center

In August Koert is a panelist on our Design for Good discussion

Koert Bakker
Koert Bakker
Koert Bakker
Koert Bakker

About Koert

Koert Bakker is Head of Experience Strategy & Insights at PwC's Experience Center in Amsterdam. It's an innovation studio where researchers, designers, users and consumers work together with clients on new business models, new forms of service and new products. He believes that curiosity is foundational for creating products, services and experiences that respond to human needs and supporting people in addressing their purpose and preventing harm.


August Event

Koert will be taking part of the the grand opening of the Design for Good Discussion, marking the exhilarating kickoff of the Awareness Week for the Design for Tomorrow Summer Innitiative.

The Design for Good Discussion is set to be an inspiring and insightful event that sets the tone for the week ahead.

Learn More


January (23) Event

In January Randstad UX collaborated with Ladies that UX Amsterdam for an interactive discussion on the topics Ethics & AI. Thge theme was Design for Good and consisted of a four member panel.

Visit the event page to learn more.

This is an initiative by Randstad UX & Design in Focus.

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