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Erik Roscam Abbing

CEO Coast

In August Erik is speaking at the Design for Tomorrow Awareness Week.

Erik Roscam Abbing
Erik Roscam Abbing
Erik Roscam Abbing
Erik Roscam Abbing

About Erik

Erik Roscam Abbing is an experience designer and innovation consultant with a specialization in the blue economy: the sustainable development of coastal regions and marine related economic activities. A part of Erik's work is helping whale conservation NGO's with their work, by designing propositions that reach the right audiences and have maximum impact. What few people know is that whales are not only majestic and beautiful but they are in fact amazingly effective at balancing the climate on our planet: they help sequester huge amounts of CO2 and help produce even more O2. In this story Erik shares how whales help mitigate the climate crisis and how he helps whales in his entrepreneurial pro bono and consulting work.

About the Event

Helping Whales Save the Planet

Dive into a world of sustainability and innovation with our esteemed speaker, Erik Roscam Abbing, a visionary experience designer and blue economy specialist. In our captivating discussion panel, "Helping Whales Save the Planet," Erik will shed light on the remarkable role of whales in mitigating the climate crisis and how his expertise in experience design and innovation empowers whale conservation NGOs to make a lasting impact.

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