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Claudia Mayer

Creative Business Partner for Design SME’s / Design Thinking lecturer, Co-Design researcher
- Coaching by Claudia / InHolland University of Applied Sciences

On 12 September Claudia will lead a workshop for our Design for Tomorrow Campaign

Claudia Mayer
Claudia Mayer
Claudia Mayer
Claudia Mayer

About the Workshop

This workshop is a game-changer for designers eager to define and articulate their niche and pitch. Profit growth strategist Claudia Mayer serves ambitious design and creative SME's since 2015 to advance their marketing & sales.

If your LinkedIn headline or Instagram bio feels too abstract, this workshop is for you!

Through engaging exercises, Claudia will guide you to identify your unique design sweetspot, translate it into an impactful pitch, and refine it in real-time.

By the end of this empowering workshop, you'll have a precise understanding of your creative niche and a compelling pitch that makes you shine and attract dream clients. Join us to start telling your design story with confidence!


Claudia is also partaking in discussion panels and you may find the links below.

This is an initiative by Randstad UX & Design in Focus.

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