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Cecilia Scolaro

Responsible Design advocate and consultant

In September Cecilia will be talking at Design for Tomorrow

Cecilia Scolaro
Cecilia Scolaro
Cecilia Scolaro
Cecilia Scolaro

About Cecilia

A shift is happening towards better consideration of humanity and our planet in business, policy, civil society and consumer behaviour.

As Designers and professionals of the Digital industry we need to talk about the harms that our profession has contributed to. Technology has certainly opened up many possibilities but it has also exacerbated inequalities, created an 'attention economy', contributed to a business culture based on exploitation and mindless experimentation.

These practices have real consequences on people, society and the planet.

Responsible Design questions and challenges designers’ role and position of power in society, with the ultimate goal of imagining, designing and building more respectful, equitable and sustainable businesses, services and products.

This is an initiative by Randstad UX & Design in Focus.

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