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Cecilia Brenner

Experience Design Director

In August Cecilia will be talking at Design for Tomorrow

Cecilia Brenner

About Cecilia

Cecilia is an Experience Design Director with over 25 years of international experience in UX design. She currently holds a position at Philips as a people leader, serving a dynamic team of UX designers towards excellence. Beyond her corporate role, Cecilia passionately embraces her role as a mentor, extending support to fellow designers in their pursuit of effective leadership and skillful craftsmanship.

Cecilia has a background in human-centered design and behaviour science and other professional certifications along design thinking and design for change. Her driving force lies in creating purposeful ecosystems that resonate with people’s health and planetary wellbeing. In her spare time, she is actively nurturing her passion to life-centered design to give nature a voice in the design process.

Her approach embraces collaboration and cocreationand is, above all, empathic. Connect with her on:

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