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Catherine Hills

Building product and service experiences that afford better experiences for learners

In August Catherine will be talking at Design for Tomorrow

Catherine Hills
Catherine Hills
Catherine Hills
Catherine Hills

About Catherine

Catherine is a design, strategy, product and research expert, with experience gathered across multiple industry verticals and user contexts. Her background is in UX, CX, product and service design, strategy, digital marketing, product delivery, business process improvement, operations and capability strategy. Catherine holds qualifications in fine arts, design and a masters level research candidature in business information systems. Her work and industry experience spans over two decades in the United Kingdom and Australia.

In Catherine’s current role, she directs experience design and research at Pluralsight, a SAAS education and technology leader, as part of a globally distributed product and technology team. In this role, as well as in past roles and with past clients, Catherine has explored the impact and benefits of learning experiences on individuals, cohorts and organisations as well as across core domains and topics including design, innovation, engineering, cloud, data, security, ways of working and AI.

Catherine recently presented the opening keynote at UX Copenhagen 2023 and has also presented at APAC based events including, local meet ups as well as the UX Australia and LAST (Lean Agile and Systems Thinking) conferences. She has co-authored a published article and chapter on urban water developments including robot interactions, has worked across design systems, design operations, AR and VR technologies and also completed a major thesis on designer perceptions and user expectations of e-commerce user experiences.

She has also collaborated as a thought partner, writer and editor with other design and industry leaders on publications and community learning. A keen learner herself and DEIA advocate, Catherine is the APAC co-lead for the Women at Pluralsight Employee Resource Group and has a long term interest in work systems, culture and wellbeing. She is a part-time PhD Research Candidate at the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne, Australia, as well as having served as a Sessional Academic at RMIT School of Design co-delivering the module entitled UX Expertise. Catherine is also a mindfulness teacher in training, as part of the latest MMTCP cohort led in association with the UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center.

About the Event

Now, more than ever, adopting a learning mindset is important, particularly given we are in the 4th industrial revolution. Learning and access to learning is essential, given the world is changing rapidly in complex ways. As such, education is an important equity issue.

More details to follow.

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