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Candice Storm

Identity Experience Consultant
- Design in Focus | Randstad UX

Candice is currently responsible for directing & organising R'UX.

Candice Storm
Candice Storm
Candice Storm
Candice Storm

About Candice

South African born Identity Experience designer naturalised in the Netherlands. I majored in Corporate Identity during my multimedia studies and, due to mainly working in digital settings, developed in UX.

In May 2022 I started building Design in Focus, a multimedia channel and professional platform serving the discovery and demonstration of the value & impact of CID in business & society. CID - Creative | Innovation | Design.

A key area on the platform centres around Networks and Communities (N&C). We have a listing page that will be populated (by ourselves, but also by CID stakeholders) with a repository of various CID N&C's from around the globe to enable CID professionals to connect, upskill and build.

We also create bespoke experience portals for those interested in collaborating such as this one featuring Ladies that UX. And lastly in this area we also enable CID professionals to start and run their own using the platform independently or as DiF F&M’s.

RANDSTAD UX is a flagship network of Design in Focus, created to showcase how professionals could harness the gifts of the platform to create their own. Since the inception in October 22, we’ve struck gold and the network expanded beyond initial anticipation. Therefore I have been investing a great deal of effort developing it on par with the quality of stakeholders in the network. While I have not yet had time to design pixel perfect content, the product has been developed (and may be replicated by others who would like to start a network or community specific to their *CID niche, +, in the coming months I will publish step by step training on how to do) structured on a solid foundation. 

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