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Event Details


August 31


12:00PM CET





Explore the Power of Fiction Design for Strategic Business Growth

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of fiction design with Lison as she unveils the untapped potential it holds for strategic business growth. In her talk, "Fiction Design as a Tool for Strategic Business Growth," Lison will reveal how harnessing the imaginative realm of fiction can drive innovation, creativity, and unlock new opportunities for businesses.

Fiction Design Unleashed

Discover the transformative power of fiction design in the realm of business. Lison's talk will introduce you to the creative process of weaving fictional narratives into practical business strategies.

Driving Innovation

Witness how fiction design can spark innovation and unlock fresh perspectives. Learn how to apply fictional scenarios and speculative thinking to envision new products, services, and markets.

Expanding Creative Horizons

Embrace the limitless potential of fiction design in stretching creative boundaries. Lison's insights will empower you to think beyond the conventional and embrace innovative solutions.

Strategic Business Growth

Explore how fiction design serves as a strategic tool for fostering business growth and resilience. Gain valuable knowledge on integrating fiction design into your business strategy to achieve long-term success.

This event is a must-attend for design stakeholders and business leaders seeking novel approaches to driving growth and innovation. Whether you are a design professional, entrepreneur, or visionary business strategist, Lison's talk will revolutionize your perspective on the intersection of fiction and business.

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Add To The List

This initiative was started by Randstad UX for the R'UX Network & Community. It escalated quickly and we spread beyond the Randstad. Because there are very important topics in this awareness week, we thought it would be better to reskin the portal without our own branding, and only add our logos to the events we organise ourselves. 

To make this initiative work for as many important voices as possible, we decided to also list other relevant events around the topics and themes of Design for Tomorrow. If you are organising relevant events, please feel free to add them to the list. That way more people can hear about ethics, sustainability, human centered and human centric design and every other important topic in the design world today. 

The Power of Fiction Design for Strategic Business Growth

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