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Brand and style guides are practical documents that ensure that branding is implemented consistently, operating with a singular vision across multiple divisions. Protect and grow your brand, communicate the personality of your company, and establish a visual consistency with a comprehensive brand book or style guide.


In addition to the work we can provide around your website, we also offer styling services to develop a complete brand identity guide. These branding and style guides serve as a handbook for anyone who is creating content related to your brand. This helps make sure your brand's voice and visual identity are consistent across all of your touch-points.


Having great documentation in the form of styleguides, brand books and design systems also helps you acheive greater Omni-channel experiences that builds trust and creates a strong identity that clients/ users recognize instantly and are familiar with.



Branding is the most important thing you consider for your business and all of the marketing you do should essentially be about your brand. You want to create a brand that can instill a certain feeling into those who see it. It is important to understand what feelings and emotions you want to evoke from people when they see or hear something about your company in order to establish these goals. Once you have a thorough understanding of what your company’s goal is, you can start creating branding strategies that can resonate with that mission statement and make people remember it in the long term


Your brand’s style guide provides a visual reference for your company. A style guide defines your company’s visual language and sets standards for all of your written communication and design projects to ensure consistency in branding.  Style guides include fonts, colors, logo usage, image usage, styles, tone and much more.

 The style guide is the official reference for our brand. It provides a standards manual for developers, designers, and stakeholders to communicate effectively on projects.



A good design system gives your team the building blocks to create and maintain a coherent brand experience. It cuts down on the amount of one-off work, allows you to update multiple screens at once, and helps you scale your product and team.

Traditionally, design systems were limited to things like colors, styles and UI components. But the more sophisticated ones are taking a far broader view, including language and tone of voice, culture and even the brand proposition.

We design brand and style guides, identity systems and visual language, building a cohesive look and feel that can be applied to all of your business materials. We work with SMEs, charities, start-ups, media companies and large organizations. With experience creating compelling graphic visuals for projects, stormCIS is fully equipped to work with you to help bring your brand to life so you can market it wherever you want.

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