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StormCIS Design Studio Amsterdam Randstad Candice Storm Experience Designer

Both creative and technical, with a keen interest in achieving and supporting great OMNI Channel Experiences. Gained experience through a variety of industries for the past 13 years including brands such as Converse, Nike, and Adidas to mention some well known brands, and the G24 which may not be so well known but deliverables served VIP's such as Finance Ministers and Diplomats from 24 countries.

Focus on people, experience and story telling. 

In 2005 I started studying law, I completed a year but didn't have the resources to pursue my legal studies, which led me to study public relations. I enjoyed learning about branding and media relations. Although I did not feel that public relations was the way to go and so I studied Multimedia. There are two factors which influenced how I studied and why I did not have a clear vision starting early. First of I lived in South Africa which had been sanctioned for many years meaning that we were slightly behind in developing. Secondly my father had decided to go "off the grid" for some years, resulting in further detachment from current developments. I've had some tragedy, one being my fathers death when I was 15.  Because he had gone off the grid and closed all his bank accounts etc, all our assets were physical or kept in a safe which was stolen a few weeks after his passing, leaving my mother destitute with four children. 

As the eldest of four I got to move to the city to work to support my mother and siblings. I was removed from school shortly after my 13th birthday to work on our farm. When I was 17 I got the opportunity to complete the final years of school, which I completed in two years. At 19 I gave birth to my beloved daughter, which means I was slightly older when I started my tertiary education. Most of the people I knew either had their own businesses or land and I had no professional role models to look to for inspiration to study, so I just went with law because its commonly known.  

In 2006 I participated in a program at my local University which measure aptitude and IQ (127) to determine the best profession for me.  My profile revealed that I would do best in creative problem solving roles, which is why I studied Multimedia. 

In 2009 I graduated in Multimedia & web authoring.  For the next 8 years I worked with a variety of industries, developing in many areas. In 2018 I finally founded my own company, however having had some hacking issues, I put it on hold for a while.

For the inception years I focused on developing in areas that relate to corporate media, from digital media to UX. When I studied law, I completed the module Advanced English for Professional studies, I also realized that I like language. I found that handy in creating press releases and media kits in my PR studies, and language affinity also helped me with html and CSS, then again when I studied UX I became invested in UX writing. 

The best way for me to work on corporate communication is through design. Which is why I have been a web, digital and UX designer. I like to work on Omni-channel experiences to unify the total experience the client has with a brand or product. For me the branding element plays a major role in any design initiative 


In 2016 I became aware that I could do more than just wireframing when I worked on mapping the processes of various teams in order to find pain points.  From this I designed an excel document that pulled date from all teams and populated it in such a ways that cut time and cost and optimized interdepartmental asset sharing. 

Because of that I started diving into product and creative project management. Because I had been in many of the positions myself, I have an understanding on what goes on behind the scenes. I thoroughly enjoy designing not only the user experience but also the employee experience and the customer.